WP 5: Environmental Transmission and Mitigations

Led by Cambridge University and Imperial College London

Measuring the pathways for airborne transmission on public transport and the effects of mitigation measures (e.g. increased ventilation rates, screens etc) through measurements on transport vehicles, lab studies and computational models.

This work package is concerned with the airborne transmission of Covid-19 in public transport, and particularly to evaluate possible mitigation measures such as increased ventilation rates, positioning of seats and passengers and screens etc. This will be done using a combination of computational fluid dynamics, small scale laboratory experiments and full scale field studies on board transport vehicles.

This work began over the summer with measurements of flow within a rail carriage, using flow visualisation, carbon dioxide and particulate matter sensors for a range of different passenger configurations and ventilation rates. We also examined the efficacy of face coverings.


  • Paul Linden, Rajesh Bhagat: University of Cambridge
  • Chris Pain, Laetitia Mottet, Huw Woodward: Imperial College London