Work Packages

WP 1: Transport Risk Model

University of Leeds and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

WP1 will focus on the development of risk models to draw data together across the project and assess transmission risk under increasing complexity in public transport scenarios.

WP 2: Surface Sampling

UK Health Security Agency

WP2 will focus on measuring COVID-19 and human respiratory associated agents on surfaces and air in transport systems. It aims to understand both the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory microorganisms and to also test the effect of selected mitigation strategies on microbial contamination in public transport environments.

WP 3: Transport User Behaviour and Demographics

University of Leeds

Understanding details of users of the transport system. Information will be collected through current datasets, an app, wristbands and surveys.

WP 4: CCTV and Operator Data Analysis

Newcastle University

Analysis of CCTV footage through use of algorithms to characterise proximity and surface contact on different transport modes.

WP 5: Environmental Transmission and Mitigations

University of Cambridge and Imperial College London

Measuring the pathways for airborne transmission on public transport and the effects of mitigation measures (e.g. increased ventilation rates, screens etc) through measurements on transport vehicles, lab studies and computational models.